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Friday, 30 September 2011


hurm , not much to be stry to . it just about 'liar' thngy . bkan liar ye , tp , PENIPU ! knpe la kne ade kwan2 aku yg suke mnipu . not friends , but friend , good friend , shit btol la ! aku ta suke nak crik pasal ngn org and nak mngate pasal org , it just , ta prlu la na crite besa . aku pling ta suke org yg ta jujur n ckp ta mngikut kmampuan dri . knon nye hbat , but , the real thng is , bad/worst . ish , stop lying la my friend . i love you . you're kind and smart enough , dnt mke people hte you about smthing that you've done . plis , i beg you , plis , just be ur real self k .
hopely u change . .

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